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Facilitator of DiSC-OURSE

Suzanne is a passionate facilitator that is equally as interested in learning about DiSC as she is in facilitating it. She helps you to learn all about the personality styles and ensures everyone comes along for the DiSC-OURSE ride.

Suzanne is well known for her engaging delivery style and for the ability to bring real-life industry experiences to her presentations and training sessions.  She understands the importance of listening closely, questioning for clarity and understanding, and communicating with empathy and integrity.  She is comfortable and experienced presenting to, and working across, diverse cultures, particularly in the South-East Asian region.

Look out for Suzanne between Bali & Australia, which is where she spends most of her time. If you’re looking for DiSC-OURSE to come to you in S.E.A., look no further!

Suzanne is fully vaccinated against CoViD-19.


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