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Facilitator of DiSC-OURSE

Nicky holds a Bachelor of Design from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and started her career in fashion before moving to events, working in production on corporate product launches and conferences across Europe. She returned to Australia to work on the Ceremonies Team for the Sydney Olympic Games before moving to corporate events and production management. An extensive career in business events and project management followed before Nicky moved into training, working in VET, higher education, and corporate programs. More recently this work has also integrated group facilitation and coaching.

As a curious life learner, Nicky shares her passion for personal and professional growth and believes we are all solution hunters, capable of thriving in challenging environments and realizing our own goals.

“My greatest joy is working with people, seeing them build their skills and grow in confidence to truly express themselves as a unique and motivated person. People turn up and connect with others authentically when they have confidence and understanding.

Through these authentic connections, individuals and businesses thrive and enjoy genuine client relationships that facilitate continuing personal, professional and financial success.”

Nicky lives on the Gold Coast with her family and enjoys spending her spare time in her art studio and walking on the beach.


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