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Lead Trainer DiSC-OURSE

Lights, microphone…action!

Give Irene an audience and you’re in for a ride. This classically trained actor knows what it takes to engage, entertain and inform. With an impeccable record for training delivery, and nearly 20 years’ experience in both Australia and Asia, Irene is a much sought after Training and Programme Development Specialist.  Her highly interactive, holistic, and entertaining style has led to audiences of between 6 to 600 in more than a dozen countries.

During the past 15 years, she has focussed on developing and delivering programmes in Communication Skills, Leadership, Sales Training and Emotional Intelligence, to name a few.

Over a period of 10 years, Irene lived and worked in China, Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia; and having worked across countries and cultures, Irene became avid about empathy building, clarity of communication and people simply having a better understanding of themselves and their co-workers. This is why Irene’s primary skill sets lie with delivery of DiSC-OURSE; a robust and purpose-built programme powered by Everything DiSC®.

Feedback for Irene’s training sessions are consistent and impressive, particularly with respect to how participants feel about her energy, content knowledge, and humour. And because of Irene’s own DiSC profile, she empathises across styles, making her an incredibly versatile, informative and engaging facilitator.

These are just a few of the industries that Irene has worked in and delivered training for: Marketing, Advertising, the Arts, Early Childhood, Hospitality, Mining, Recruitment, IT, Tourism, Car Rental, Government Departments (state and federal), Utility and Energy providers.

Contact us to find out how to get Irene on board for your DiSC-OURSE training, but please keep the karaoke machines out of sight.


“We know that skilled people rarely leave their jobs because they’re not paid enough; it’s usually as a result of poor interactions in the workplace. And if there’s one mission I have, it’s to expose as many people as possible to this exceptional tool (DiSC), because used properly – I know it works!” – Irene Parker


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